SElamat hari Merdeka ke-52 MALAYSIA!

kite selalu bertanya…
ape yang malaysia dah buat untuk kite..
tapi pernahkah anda terfikir..
apekah sumbangan anda untuk malaysia?…
susah jugak nak jawab..
forget la all the political crisis now..
forget la all the person yang duk nak blame government skang ..
forget la all the difference that we had in all the politic party..
cause for all we know..
Malaysia is standing for all of us..
no matter what background u r…
take this day to sit down n thinking…what think should we do for this country…
this the only legacy that we inherited from our ancestors…
i love the freedom here..
i love the breeze here…
i love the happiness here..
please don’t spoilt it…
remember we have next generation to pass this country in good condition…

**responsible for what u did…**

…30 ogos 2009…

dalam diam tak diam..
dah masuk hari ke 9 kite umat Islam berpuasa..
sekejap je rase nye..
n as usual hari ni hari ahad..
n i am spending my weekends at my parents home kat bentong..
today quite handful skit untuk berbuka..
pasal most of my relatives are coming over..
sempena rumah baru la katakan..
jemput datang ke rumah ye kawan2..
btw..selamat berbuka puasa…!

Si Temek

Si Temek on vacation..

This cat belongs to my aunty. I sat this morning at the verandah and it also there. so i quickly took picture of Si Temek (got its name because hidung penyek..hehe..).
somehow i am jealous of Si Temek, because Si Temek cam be lazying all day long but i cannot..hurmm..
what’s that supposed to be mean?

…Where have i been ?….

hmm…it is almost 5 months that i never update anything in my blog..
many things happens and let me just simplified it month by month :

March : i started working as QA Executive at Helio Plastic Industries Sdn Bhd..a new working environment to me.everything is new to me…
Also my coursemate get married at Terengganu.we konvoi went there n this was sort of gathering for all of us.congrats Zal..

May : my best buddy getting married this month!..none other than Moneng!…i myself being her bridemaid. n the truth was i am very proud to get this honour given by Moneng!…thanks dear.

June : i have a very wonderful time with my kilang mate ~ zuraini. hehe..

July : a very busy months for my kilang.many parts to testing n produce. and all in very tight schedule. i have nothing to enjoy about…