Finally Friday is here again.
A very anticipated day of all week.
If I still a student, Friday is much awaited because I don’t have to go to any classes or tutorial..hehe..
But when I left behind uni life, Friday is much awaited because I can relax all weekends without getting any headache of undone work..duh..

So that’s why I am sometimes hate adult life..

**miss all my friends back then at UKM esp : Salwa and Moneng


“I Hate When..”

I hate when come to make decision..
I really hate when I need to face many options but only have to choose the BEST one..
I hate to think deeply,to think about pros and cons..
Because all I know whatever options is still the BEST for me..
Only I don’t know whether the BEST is really the BEST future for me…

But mind u, this is what life is all about..quite challenging huh?..


..Adam Mifzal Thaqif…

hehe..at last my no name latest cousin finally get his name..
panjang gile name nye..
but penuh ngan makna2 yang baik..
so thaqif, welcome to the world and be a good boy..

Tak Mungkin Kerana Sayang

Setiba di persimpangan,
Langkah kita tak lagi sehaluan
Bermula di saat itu
Tidak senada irama dan lagu
Begitu hidup ini
Tiada yang abadi
Yang patah tumbuh
Yang hilang berganti
Kau telah jauh, jauh dariku
Tiada ruang di hati buatmu

Namun harusku akui
Ada ketika di minda kau menjelma kembali
Sekali segala ada
Ada rindu yang datang tiba-tiba
Tak mungkin kerana sayang
Cuma terganggu oleh perasaan
Begitu hidup ini
Tiada yang abadi
Yang patah tumbuh
Yang hilang berganti

13th Cousin

new cousin ~ boy(..again!..)

new cousin ~ boy(..again!..)

Finally, on 18 February 2009, my auntie give birth at Hosp Sg Buloh.
Both Uncle Fazli n Acu Suzy get a baby boy and that make him the 13th cousin in my family.
But yet again, him complete the full line (already) of boy cousin of mine ( 9 boys + 4 girls)..duh..hehe..
Anyway alhamdullillah because both mum n son is safe and congrats once again to Uncle Fazli n Acu Suzy..
They haven’t choose name yet..
and that is the anticipating moment for us to wait.




Venue : TGV Jusco Bukit Raja

Date : 17 February 2009

Participants : Wak n Wana

A must watch movie for those history epic addicted.

Awesome performance by Tom Cruise.

Keep your heartbeat beating all the time and u really can’t wait to know the end.

A very worth RM9 movie after all..hehe

” Setiap Usaha Pasti Tidak Akan Sia-Sia”

I came across an article yesterday and found out a very insteresting quote ~ Setiap Usaha Pasti Tidak Akan Sia-Sia~
It is really true somehow because if u really keep faith in whatever u do, u will get the benefit in the end.
It is just a matter of time that u need to bear with.

Good Luck!

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